Here you can upload digitally produced work including film, audio, animation, PDF documents, visualisations etc. that are impractical to present in your sketchbook. Title your work, and add captions to explain which project the work is from, what production and post production methods you used, intended location, audience, and any other relevant information. Add a note or image to your sketchbook to direct assessors to the digital outcomes on Workflow.

Extension Project Prototype 1


Extension Project Prototype 1


Extension Project Prototype 1

03.10 'Pls Keep Out'


30.09 'Plated'



30.09, Wear It, Body & Function


24.09 'Don't Forket about the Food'

Don't Forket about the Food

24.09 Message Vacuum, Language & Interaction

 This 4D video was made using a smartphone and a fork in the environment of the Archway campus and it was edited using iMovie. During the production process, I replaced items on the floor with a stainless steel fork to symbolise the role that food plays in our daily lives and how we are constantly asking ourselves questions about food, sometimes without even consciously realising. 

17.09 'Valued'


17.09, Your Possessions, Surface & Meaning

 This print was made using a range of mark-making materials like liquid chalk pens, brush pens, colouring, elastic bands and acetate sheets as part of the production process. After doing a series of observational drawings of my group's possessions, I created a mark-making menu of a variety of mark-making techniques that I thought were interesting because they included a range of line qualities that are thick, vary in clarity and colour as well as show organic textures. My group and I arranged our individual prints on the light projector and traced over the projected print onto a large brown piece of paper which is symbolic of all of the memories that we associated with personal memories.


Extension Project Prototype 1


Extension Project Prototype 1


03.10 'Pls Keep Out', Edited


Pls Keep Out

03.10, Your Surrounding, Body & Function

 By experimenting with basic shapes from observational drawings of my surroundings, I chose three shapes and scaled them onto A1 paper, then cut them out. I then connected these shapes using masking tape and joined as many edges of the shapes together to make a 3D structure. I experimented with the structure on the body to see where it naturally would fit. I found that it has viewing holes and panels whee structure someone could look out of if the structure were to be placed on the head. 'Pls Keep Out' is meant to provide privacy for the use from the outside world while the organic cutouts only allow partial view of the outside world, of which the user can choose which parts they see depending on the adjustment of the 'helmet'. I edited the original work digitally using Adobe Illustrator and experimented with furthering this workshop exercise by highlighting the shapes created in this structure by tracing them. 

01.10 'Ruck Sac'

Ruck Sac

01.10, Explore It, Structure & Form


26.09 'the world was gna end in like 2012'


the world was gna end in like 2012

26.09, Say it Loud, Language & Interaction

 This production process included having an anonymous text conversation with someone else in the class to discover each other's fears. My chosen phrase was 'the world was gna end in like 2012' as I felt like it summarised the conversation we had about the power of the universe, our fate and the way that society influences our lives through social media which often instil fear. I chose to use a black text bubble with punched out holes to create the allusion of space while alluding to the ambiguity and sheer influence that social can have.

23.09 'Oumbrella for my Bike'

Oumbrella for my Bike

23.09, Build It, Language & Interaction

This group project was made using bamboo rods, paper, masking tape, zip ties, string and a light bulb. We started this project by making a basic structure that needed to be sturdy using the materials we had access to. We developed this basic form and adapted it into a structure that has a purpose, therefore we decided that our structure will serve as an umbrella for bike riders that they can easily attach. We used tape, paper and string to create panels the would protect the user from the weather elements while allowing light to enter and allowing them to see out of the structure.

16.09 'The Juggling O's'

The Juggling O's

16.09, Lost Letters Stop Motion Animation, Surface & Meaning

This stop motion animation was made using a screen print as the background and black and white cardboard paper to create the components that appear to be moving. First, a stencil was made using paper where I would make use of positive and negative space to determine the colour that would be screen printed onto the page. The intended location of this work is to be digital given its format. The intended audience might include those with a playful and joy-seeking character because of juggling's association with circus acts and the child-like joy they bring.


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